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12 Dec 2017
Would you like to buy a device to remove security tags from clothes for your store? is the industry leader in tag detacher equipment. We stock a large selection of tools to remove clothing tags, to meet a variety of needs. We have both magnetic and manual tag removal tools. Our retail security tag removers will ensure that you quickly learn how to remove security tags from clothes in your store, because they are all very easy to use.

As a storeowner selling physical goods, you certainly need security tags to prevent theft of your stock. Most of these tags are usually a small device which emits a high frequency radio signal. At the entrance/exit to the store, there will be a device that detects this signal, upon which an alarm will go off., alerting the staff. The radio signal is emitted continuously all the time, which ensures that the merchandise is protected at all times.

These tags are used on items such as shoes, clothing, books and magazines, CDs, DVDs and video games etc. They are very good at protecting small items that can easily be concealed by someone intent on not paying for the goods. 

In order to deactivate (get security tag off) the security tag after the customer pays for their purchase, you need to buy a store security tag detacher, security tag remover, sensor remover or clothes de-tagger. This is a device used to take off security tags from clothes or other merchandise. The retail security tag remover usually consists of a high-power magnet which neutralizes the radio signal emitted by the tag.

Most security tags employ magnetism technology whereby a magnetic iron strip is attached to the merchandise to be protected. This magnetic strip activates the alarm should one attempt to exit the store without paying. The strip is is designed to be deactivated at the checkout point using a scanner which uses a magnetic field.  This device is known by many names such as a security tag detacher, alarm remover, clothes alarm remover, security sensor remover, buzzer remover, beeper remover, clothing security tag removal tool, clothes de-tagger etc.

If you would like to remove security tags from your merchandise, you need to buy a security tag remover. You have come to the right place. If you would like to buy a magnetic security tag remover, we have a lot of those. You can buy different types of store security tag remover devices at


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